Can You Put A Travel Mug Under A Keurig? Which Is Best?

Keurig coffee makers have taken the world by storm as they offer the solitary coffee drinker an easy and convenient way to enjoy their morning cup of joe.

Let’s face it, when you are in a hurry, having to grind your coffee, measure it, and add the water to your automatic drip machine and then having to wait for it to brew is a hassle. Plus the auto drip coffee makers don’t make it easy to brew a small amount.

The Keurig and subsequently other K-cup coffee makers have sought to solve all those problems and more, except one. They don’t usually allow you to fit your typical travel mug under them so that you can grab and go for your morning commute.

These days you have to have a dedicated k-cup travel mug for whatever machine you are brewing from to keep things compatible and easy.

Lower on this page we’ll briefly review the following recommended mugs, each of which is short enough to fit under most Keurig style single serve coffee machines. We’ll also review a few other alternatives that you may be interested based mostly on price or style.

For the super mini brewers the Keepcup 8oz is probably your best bet even though it’s not as good of a travel mug.

Regardless of how you look at it, finding that perfect travel mug that can fit under your Keurig is not as hard as it used to be just a few years back. In fact, Keurig has even designed some and branded them to make your life a bit easier if you don’t want to do your research.

If your travel mug of choice does not fit under your machine after removing the drip tray, have no fear, we have some helpful suggestions.

Why Travel Mugs for Keurig Are So Small

The small stature of the Keurig comes with its own set of problems because not all your coffee cups can fit under them, especially if you have a Mini model.

Most insulated travel mugs are designed to fit at least 16 oz with some up to 32 oz. That’s because they were intended to be filled from a carafe and not to fit under a niche single-cup machine.

If you have the larger travel mugs and still want to fill them using your Keurig, you can brew two batches separately into a liquid measuring cup first with a pour spout so you don’t make too much of a mess. I’ve also seen this solution, but it may not be the best option.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Fortunately, you are not the first person to look for this solution. As the popularity of the Keurig and other brands of K-Cup brewers has grown, so have the options for single-serve insulated coffee cups.

Here is a whole selection of 8 oz travel mugs we’ve reviewed on this site previously.

But before you start looking, you need to decide out of what kind of materials you would like to drink your coffee. The options abound from plastic, stainless steel, glass and even ceramic.

Plastics tend to absorb flavors so if you are using creamers in your coffee; chances are, the flavors are going to eventually leach into the plastic unless you are washing it out directly after every use.

Stainless steel doesn’t absorb flavors but can impart flavors to the coffee. This can occur from one of the finishes used in the final production or a reaction with the steel and one or many of the chemical compounds found in coffee. Some coffee drinkers notice a slightly different taste to their coffee when drunk in a stainless steel mug.

Glass and Ceramic are neutral, in that they neither absorb flavors or impart and can be an excellent choice for the coffee connoisseur that wants to taste their coffee as it should. The downfall with glass and ceramic is that they are fragile and prone to breakage if dropped.

Buy The Right Accessory Mug

Now that you have decided in your mind what type of travel mug you are looking to fit under your K-Cup brewer, let’s talk about your options.

For the Mini brewer models, you are going to be limited to a few, and you will most likely need to remove the drip tray.

We like the Keep Cup which is a glass option initially designed to be brought to your local coffee shop and used in place of a paper cup. They have many sizes and variations from which to choose. You are welcome to bring it into our coffee shop anytime and have it filled.

For a more durable and less costly option, the plastic Oxo 10 oz travel mug is an excellent choice as well. Its double wall construction keeps your coffee warm on the go.

For the roughly the same price, the Keurig 12 oz can work as well. It has a plastic interior with a stainless exterior but offers you the option to enjoy a little bit more coffee.

For all other brewers we recommend these:

Keurig offers a 14 oz model in stainless steel that will fit under all other Keurig Brewers. It features a push-button control so should your mug tip, your coffee won’t spill out.

For a unique mug, the Chantal 10 oz travel mug is a triple insulated stainless steel mug that features a push button that then allows you to drink from any side of the mug. A pretty cool feature we’re sure you can enjoy.

And finally, we wanted to highlight the ceramic option. The Contigo ceramic mug is a 12 oz model that will give you unparalleled tasting ability but at the cost of its insulation period. While the above models will keep your beverage warm for up to 6 hours, this one only guarantees 1 hour. This can be lengthened a bit if you preheat your mug with hot water from your Keurig first.

That Was Easy

Choosing the right travel mug for your machine and needs can be overwhelming at first, but we hope we cleared up some of the confusion for you.

It all comes down to price, materials and personal taste. There is a travel mug out there that is right for everyone, and we hope we helped you find it.

And while we enjoy our pour over coffee with the best of them, we can’t argue against the absolute and utter convenience of the Keurig.

Now just for fun, someone thought outside of the box and asked why not brew my Keurig in my cup on the go? There is a mug called the AnyCafé travel mug that started as a Kickstarter and is slated to release sometime in 2018 that will actually brew your Keurig in the mug. We’ll see how it plays out, but we thought it was pretty ingenious.