The 7 Best Non-Keurig K-Cup Coffee Makers (2022 Update)

A pod or k-cup coffee maker is a convenient way to get your morning going. Simply add fresh water, pop in a coffee pod, and get ready for the instant satisfaction of a fresh morning brew.

Keurig machines are all about convenience, speed, and consistency, which has led to their immense popularity but there are lots of cheaper alternatives that brew k-cup coffee and a few more expensive models that make k-cup coffee taste it’s best.

In this article I’d like to introduce you to my favorite non-Keurig k-cup coffee makers; I consider these to be some of the best alternatives to Keurig on the market today and each will brew a k-cup just like your old Keurig did.

Before we get to my list of Keurig alternatives I want you to first brush up your knowledge of the best Keurig k-cup coffee makers sold these days. There are a few new models that I like a lot. You can see my thoughts on all the best current offerings right here.

Now with that out of the way let’s look at the list of non-Keurig machines that are worth spending a few bucks on.

A Few Reasons To Stick With K-Cups & Knockoff Keurig Machines

You’ll want to consider the type of coffee pods you want to use too. Most will use standard k-cups but a few use their own special pods instead.

Basic K-Cups will offer a much greater variety of blends, styles, and coffee brands to choose from compared to alternatives like Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto or Starbucks Verismo. Even Nespresso has less variety on store shelves.

So if you want a convenient way to brew but don’t think the Keurig machine itself is the way to go, then try to find another brand that will deliver the same kind of morning satisfaction.

The Rise of Coffee Pods: They Are Here To Stay

Since pods are becoming a more and more prevalent way to brew coffee in the morning, the technology had to find a means to catch up with the demand. Now you don’t have to buy a Keurig specific brewer to make a K-cup transform into a hot coffee. This could save you money and possibly even get you a better brewer all-around.

So let’s break down the best non-Keurig k-cup coffee makers that are available on the market right now, and get your mornings off to a quick start.

If you’re curious about what to do with these plastic pods when you’re done with them, look over our guide for steps to recycle K-cups.

The Bella Single Serve

The Bella Single Serve, which takes both Keurig K-Cups and loose grounds, receives a convenience rating of excellent form consumer reports, which is a trusted coffee review. Many think this is due to the larger-than-standard cup-size and overall temperature consistency.

This machine features an auto-off function, a removable water reservoir, and a height-adjustable drip tray, all wrapped up in a silver and black finish. And this Bella is an affordable choice for the home coffee maker.

Saving your mornings from sub-par coffee, the Bell Single Serve makes a name for itself among Keurig imitators.

MiXPRESSO Single Serve

Complete flexibility brewing unlicensed, Keurig 1.0, Keurig 2.0, and reusable K-Cups, the Mixpresso Single Cup Brewer is the college or office favorite. It’s the definitive budget K-cup coffee maker.

For convenience this unit does have programmable sizes, so you can set to whatever size and strength you like, keep the whole home happy.

In this price range, you’re compromising somewhere, but the Mixpresso Single Cup Brewer provides the best bang for your buck in the bargain brewer category. The K-Cup compatibility is a great plus though, as well as a convenient orange water level indicator. It’s also a power saver with an auto-off after 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the downside of the brewer is that it can only fit certain size mugs. There is a height restriction. However, there’s no reason that one can’t use a mug to transition coffee to another to-go vessel, with some caution.

Hamilton Beach Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer

Have your coffee the way you need it – fast and delicious – with the Hamilton Beach Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer.

This handy coffee maker combines the convenience of a single serve coffee maker with the no-mess ease of coffee pods. It can even brew tea, and there are some K-cups that offer a latte-like flavor. There’s plenty of option and although this brewer is small, it’s also packed with features.

One feature that sticks out above the crowd is that one can double the pods for a stronger tasting brew. There’s no carafe to clean either – the personal cup lets you brew up to 12 oz. of fresh coffee directly into your favorite cup or travel mug. With a one-touch start and dishwasher safe brew basket, it’s both easy to use and to clean whenever is convenient.

Aicok One-Touch Coffee Brewer

Compatible for most single-cup pods, including k-cups and also can work with reusable k cup coffee filter. You can brew a fresh cup of coffee in only three minutes.  This coffee maker is ideal for the office, as it is lightweight, easy to clean, and brews fast. The sturdy plastic frame also makes for a good travel partner.

This is the brewer you’ll be most likely to find in a hotel room. That definitely speaks to the ability to be durable when it comes to brewing every day for years on end. If these factors of functionality are a must for you, then we recommend the Aicok Single Serve.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Brewer

The My Café Multi-Use Brewer brings you the convenience of single cup plus the flexibility of being able to brew flavorful coffee or tea using your choice of K-Cups, ground coffee, soft coffee, and tea pods, tea bags and loose tea.

The brewer features a stainless steel hot water tank that holds water at the perfect temperature for best flavor extraction, which is a very important factor for even the lowliest of coffee acolytes.

The brewer functions through four interchangeable drawers (cups, pods/ tea bags, ground coffee, hot water) to brew your favorite coffee or tea. Like many of the Bunn Brewers we’ve all seen around, they are built to be a workhorse coffee maker, industrial strength materials make these last a lifetime.

HAMSWAN Single Serve

This is another popular alternative to using metal mesh filter for brewing. With the k cup holder, one can make it compatible with ground coffee and K-cup pods. Another hybrid for all those that would occasionally like to have some fresh ground coffee, but don’t find the investment worth doing every single day. After all, that can be expensive.

Thus, the HAMSWAN single serve coffee maker is perfect for single use brewing. It has a measurement marked from 6oz to 14oz in the water reservoir and you can choose the water’s volume you want, saving coffee (and flavor) in the process.

Caynel Single Serve Coffee Maker

All of these great brewers tend to feature a lightweight and compact design economical for space or travel, easily fitting in tight spaces. Perhaps you want your own brewer at the office (who wouldn’t) or maybe you’re taking part in the tiny home craze that is sweeping the country.

Regardless, don’t let your morning coffee become mourning coffee. These small format brewers might be perfect for you, but if you need additional coffee prepping gear then turn to our numerous reviews for more information. Who doesn’t need more coffee gear, anyway?