The 6 Largest K-Cup Holders (2022 Update)

If you’re a full-blown K-cup connoisseur, then it can be a little daunting to store your collection of single-serve coffee cups.

With many organic, decaf, and wide varieties of flavors, then there comes time to put your many k-cups into a proper storage unit, so you can keep them organized and ready on the fly.

Here are our picks for the largest, most convenient k-cup holders.

360 Degree Revolving K-cup Carousel

Coffee should be accessible at any time and from anywhere, so what’s better than a three-hundred and sixty-degree revolving carousel?

Building an upward facing storage is much more efficient if you’re searching for an optimized use of your counter space. The 360 Degree Revolving K-cup Carousel by Bay State Importers is a time-saving implement you’ll want for displaying your k-cups and getting away from digging through boxes to find the flavor you want.

This traditional carousel could easily be placed in an office breakroom or adorn your countertop at home. regardless, we think that this ware will keep your K-cup options in sight and ready for your use.

Nifty 4-Tier 72 K-Cup Storage Drawer

Let’s say you are a little quirky about your organization. Four tiers of K-cups means four ways to organize and define your favorite kinds of k-cups. Maybe you want a shelf strictly for organic k-cups or a shelf for decaf, this is a fantastic way to go and the storage drawer itself will match any kitchen countertop in the trademark black satin finish.

The Nifty 4-Tier K-cup storage drawer organizes your favorite flavors in neat rows, making selection fun and easy! Clean, Sophisticated Look, The drawer has a full front with a knob, blending nicely in with your single serve coffee brewer.

Reaching your favorite k-cups is easy, and if you’re a dedicated decaf drinker, or maybe strictly organic, while your housemates prefer others, then this should keep everyone in the house happy.

80 Nespresso Capsules Holder Carousel

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a Nespresso capsule-specific storage carousel this will be more of a fit. This is very intuitive and easy to Organize, as the boxes simply turn onto one side and open at the bottom, allowing them to be fed through and displayed by variety. This 360-degree rotating carousel has a non-slip fine felt base, and the frame is made from durable cast iron and powder coated in mint black.

If you need a modern design to go with your kitchen this Capsule Holer Carousel will do the trick.

As Nespresso becomes yet another competitor in the world of coffee, you may find yourself purchasing these capsules for your Nespresso machine, if so, you’ll need a place to store them. Look no further, this is one of the largest capsule storage carousels on the market right now.

Mind Reader 50 Capacity K-Cup Organizer

Holds 50 single serve coffee pods, They will not fall out no matter how stylish the Mind Reader K-cup Organizer looks. Speaking of looks, this is not your average pod holder. It’s a defining piece of the counter space.

The Mind Reader even features a locking mechanism in case the organizer itself becomes the victim of an accident. That’s an impressive feature you won’t find in many storage devices for K-cups or capsules thus making this ideal for a busy office or kitchen. No mess if the Mind reader does tip.

The bottom rubber grippers keep the K-cup dispenser in place and feature a clean and modern design made from high impact polystyrene. You’re not likely to break this unit in a domestic environment. So display your k-cups in style and always know which flavor you’re reaching for.

EVERIE Stackable Extendable Coffee Pod Drawer

If you’re looking for something to stack your Keurig on top of, then you want a single-tiered storage drawer, possibly with two drawers to section off different kinds of K-cups. This Everie stackable drawer holds up to thirty-six coffee pods and looks great too. By putting two together, you get added storage and will support even the largest of Keurig models.

Organize 36 K-Cup Packs, and provide a place for your Keurig to rest, and dispense the coffee you pick out in these K-cups. The pod drawer can support an impressive fifty pounds, which is more than enough for a Keurig and its reservoir filled with water.

YouCopia Coffee Cabinet Organizer

The YouCopia K-cup organizer is a compact solution towards coffee organization at home, the drawers pull out and lower to resting position at eye-level so you can quickly find and reach your coffee. Whether adjustable, expandable or customizable, we create organizers that can store a variety of items in different spaces. Our products never require installation, so becoming (and staying) organized is achievable for everyone.

Probably the most functional of all the K-cups storage devices on this list is another Mind Reader brand of pod dispenser, this time as a wall mounted version, with cork board for notes.

Hopefully one of these coffee pod storage devices has met your demands. Although they might never be able to store all the coffee you might want to consume in a few weeks time, this is certainly better than digging through the carton of your newly purchased variety pack every day.

Now the flavors you want are on display to you and your guests or housemates. If you’re searching for more varieties of K-cups to load your storage container with, then see our many reviews of the best K-cups on earth.