The 7 Best 8-Ounce Travel Mugs For Single Serve Coffee (2022 Update)

On the go and in need of your morning coffee pick-me-up, but don’t want to overdo it?

Those of us here at Spava Coffee have chosen some 8oz travel mugs, which are the perfect hand-held size for a single-serving of coffee. They’re also excellent for lovers of tea, espresso shots, and they fit easily under one-cup coffee makers.

We’ve selected mugs that are ideal for you coffee drinkers who prefer a portable, easy-to-store cup in places, such as on your desk, in your work bag, or in your car.

Our first mug listed below is our absolute favorite! It consistently gets the best reviews of all super small travel mugs and we believe it’s the best single serve travel mug for sale today.

Klean Kanteen Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid (8oz)

This tiny travel mug is designed well. It will keep your coffee hot for a few hours easy.

You can clean it by just setting it in the dishwasher and it won’t spill on you either – so long as you close the lid.

It’s not designed to be leak proof but it’s close… and the best part is it will fit under any single serve coffee maker you throw at it.

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KeepCup 8-Ounce Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, Small, Silver

We’ve been a big fan of Keep Cup mugs for a while now and they recently introduced a new lid design that seals better then ever before.

Unlike the Kleen Kanteen this mug is all about drinking coffee, not keeping coffee hot for hours on end.

If you like the look of glass then I think you’ll love this mug which comes in many different styles and colors a lot too.

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OXO Good Grips Mini LiquiSeal Travel Mug, Purple

If you actually take your coffee on the go this travel mug will be perfect. It is the only mug that’s actually leak proof on this list!

Another perk to the Liquiseal is that it is actually slightly bigger than 8 ounces and it still fits easily under all Keurig coffee makers!

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If the Kleen Kanteen model listed above isn’t what you are looking for then here are a few more small travel mugs to consider.

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Product Descriptions

The following 8oz mugs range in price from $9.99 to $16.00. They’re not only highly rated but are also

Bodum Anywhere: This one actually comes in 3 sizes, so if you’ve fallen for this mug but want more coffee, this is a great option. You can also twist the lid 360 degrees to sip it in any direction you please.

Innate Americano Tumbler: This stainless steel mug keeps your favorite Gathering Grounds blend hot for up to 5 hours. It even has a top that acts as a serving cup.

Innate Doppio Tumbler: A sibling of the Innate Americano Tumbler, this mug sits perfectly in your car and also feels great in-hand.

KeepCup: To those of you that prefer to own recycled, non-toxic, BPA free products (that are also functional and trendy, of course), KeepCup is your mug answer. It’s lightweight and you can throw it right in the dishwasher when you need to clean it.

OXO Good Grips: If you want something unbreakable, you’ve met your match. The Good Grips won’t slip out of your hand, but if it does, it’s designed to prevent damage. It also has a seal-in lid, which means no precious coffee will escape.

Small Travel Mugs Have Additional Perks!

These smaller mugs are equally wonderful for a single-serving of tea or for every kids favorite winter beverage, you know…hot chocolate!

If you make French press coffee you can pour directly into these mugs to take to go!

What Are The Alternatives to These Little Tumblers?

If you’re looking for something a little larger to satisfy your coffee need, we at Gathering Grounds did our
homework and we made sure to provide sizes all the way up to 70 oz (not for the faint of heart).

If you are on this page then you probably need something super small, maybe small enough to fit under a Keurig or Nespresso machine.

Although we don’t have a page dedicated to 6 oz travel mugs or 10 oz mugs, we do for wide bottom mugs here, which tend to be smaller in size and fit just fine under all single serve coffee makers.

Lastly, you can also see the following page for a list of all other sizes and styles.